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The Great Songs Of The British Isles: from Arielle Gabriel

The Willow Tree: Irish Version

Songs Of Wales
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Songs Of Scotland
A Nation Once Again
All For Me Grog
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Alexander's Hornpipe
Amazing Grace
The Banks of the Roses
Biddy Mulligan
Black Velvet Band
Botany Bay
Brennan On The Moor
The Butcher Boy
Comical Genius
The Curragh of Kildare
Daisey A Day
Danny Boy
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The Fields Of Athenry
Finnegan's Wake
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Follow Me Up To Carlow
Four Green Fields
I'm A Freeborn Man
Free the People
Minstrel Boy
The Meeting Of The Waters
My Gentle Harp
Oh Breathe Not His Name
Pretty Maid Milking A Cow
She Is Far From The Land
Silent Oh Moyle
The Time I've Lost In Wooing
Tho The Last Glimpse Of Erin
When He Who Adores Thee
The Ghost Lover
The Holy Ground Once More
The Irish Exile
Kathleen O'Moore
The Lake Of Coolfin
Lovely Molly
The Maid Who Sold Her Barley
Mrs. McGrath
My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
Neil Flaherty's Drake
The Nobleman's Wedding
On Board The Ninety Eight
The Ploughboy: The Lark In The Moon
Quare Bungle Rye
Richard Of Taunton Dean
The Sign Of The Bonny Blue Bell
Van Diemen's Land
Wild Colonial Boy
The Willow Tree: Irish Version
Young Edwin In The Lowlands Low
The Young Servant Man
Garry Owen
Green Bushes
Oh No John
Tarry Trousers
Ned Of The Hill
Peggy Bawn
Rakes Of Mallow
Reilly's Daughter
Abdul Abulbul Amir
Andy McElroe
Blow The Candles Out
Galway City
John O'Dwyer
Old Maid In The Garret
The Parting Glass
Shule Agra
Star Of The County Down
Molly Brannigan
Savourneen Deelish
Snowy Breasted Pearl
Bantry Bay
Salley Gardens
I Dreamt I Was In Marble Halls
Katey Kearney
The Low Back'd Car
On Board the Kangaroo
The Rose Of Tralee
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
The Mulligan Guard
Sweet Rosie OGrady
She Moved Through The Fair
Are You There Moriarity?
Abroad As I Was Walking
As I Roved Out One Morning
The Barnyards Of Delgaty

The night was dark and the hour late,
Cold blew the winter air,
And as four farmers homeward walked
Down through Lifford Fair,
They thought they heard a cry,
Both sad and sharp it struck their ear,
Although the winds blew high.

They climbed the wall and searched the tombs
That thickly filled the ground,
And, spreading on a new-made grave,
A sorrowful youth they found:
His wild moans filled the chilly air,
For he looked pale and wild,
His loud cries would have pierced your heart,
For he wept like a child.

They roused him from the cold wet earth,
Inviting him away,
He says, Move me not from this sad spot,
For here I mean to stay;
This is my true-love's grassy bed,
And here all night I'll lie,
All by the side of my long-lost bride,
I will remain and die.

In early life we were both joined
In love both fond and true,
There's not a care but touched my heart
But touched my Fanny's too;
The times were bad and I was poor,
It was then I went away,
To make a fortune in strange lands,
I crossed the roaring sea.

Scarce before I went away,
In wedlock's bands we joined,
It was then I left my tender bride,
So lonely, young and fond;
For three long years I stayed away
And I won my fortune in strange lands,
I crossed the roaring sea.

But oh, alas, begins my grief,
My woe it then begun,
When I came home they had her wed
Unto another one,
And with false letters they imposed
All in her heartless ear,
And told her I had died abroad
All in a second year.

It being on a summer evening,
Calm and fragrant was the air
She sat before her father's door
And never looked more fair;
I stood before her suddenly
And when I caught her eye,
She clasped her hands before her face
And gave a piercing cry.

The sudden shock had reached her heart;
The story soon was told:
When I came home her father gave
His hands to ancient gold,
But all the gold that e'er was shown
Did fail to ease her mind,
And like a tender flower crushed,
Away she drooped and pined.

Mark what followed after this--
I need not stop to tell--
In that day month, sure I could hear
The tolling funeral bell.
Now I have done all with this earth,
And it has done with me:
My love lies dead in her cold clay bed
Beneath yon willow tree.

They stopped, but neither force nor word
Could raise him from the ground,
All night he lay on the cold clay,
And the next day was found,
And when they touched him he was dead
And where he lay he died;
They dug his grave and, side by side,
They laid him with his bride.



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